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Changes since 1920 tech and important events and Gift Ideas for those born in 1920

Posted by Steve Pearson on

When you look back to 1920 over 95 years ago which seems like a lifetime ago , only when you look at the changes, pop culture and events do you realize how much someone who was born all those years ago has lived through and seen

No TV or Penicillin

The 19th Amendment is passed and Women are given the right to vote for the first time.

Commercial Radio Stations are born with the first beginning transmissions in Detroit, Michigan

During their lifetime they lived through World War I, World War II , The Great Depression and saw the 35th President Elected Warren G. Harding.

The great Al Jolson had a hit with "You Ain't Heard Nothing Yet"  

 We do have a few gift ideas for relatives who were born in 1920 

1920 Year In History Coffee Mug Gift

Custom Newspaper for the month they were born

We also have available a 1920 Year In History Print





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