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Gift Ideas For Seniors in thier 60s, 70s, 80s and 90's

Posted by Steve Pearson on

What do you get for those who have spent up to 100 years acquiring everything they could wish for ?

And are now in the process of downsizing gathering less clutter to keep clean, or find a home for.

Let's think about possible ideas

1. A scrapbook featuring the people, places and special memories including photos, messages helping to rekindle fond memories or even help jog the mind into thinking

2. I am a strong believer in hand made gifts from grandchildren and great grandchildren. Xmas cards that are hand drawn and with a special message will always take pride of place over a shop bought mass produced card

As we age we realize it takes more than just popping to the shops or getting parents to order something online to create something that shows that love care and thought have gone into 

As you can tell I am in my later years so have a little understanding 

One more important thing I will say is try to help the barriers break down by getting kids to ask those seniors what was life before computers / smart phones  and in many cases TV / Radio and maybe even electricity.

I can assure you they had full lives and in some ways better spending time outdoors and using their imaginations  to provide a full and varied childhood.

We now live in fast paced life that puts pressure on us as parents and children to achieve things in the quickest time possible and sometimes we forget to look around us and as my parents used to tell me "Take the time to smell the roses"


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