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Reflecting Back In Time The Great Depression / The Dustbowl era

Posted by Steve Pearson on

As we prepare to visit families during the holidays take a little time if you can to ask Aunts , Uncles, Fathers, Mothers and Grandparents about special events in history that they lived through.

We have all watched programs about The Great Depression or The Dustbowl era. But those who lived through that period in history tend to have a much more personal story . If possible ask about the period 

I have been lucky enough to talk with 3 people who lived through that all from differing backgrounds 

1. ( New Jersey ) Remembered no school and going round the back of stores collecting cardboard also remembering that the only food he could remember eating was dough based food that he hated 

2. ( Nebraska ) Another remembered that they kept chickens for the eggs and each month it got harder and harder as the chickens would die through malnutrition and they would have to eat them, she also remembered that however much they covered the windows the dust still got in and her mother could never keep up, she also remembered that to walk even to the well the dust stung like nothing she can remember before or since

3. ( Chicago )  He remembered it in a very different way and although he remembered doctors were not an option when ill and food was rationed and limited choices his father did have a job so although it was tough they had a relatively good childhood


One more thing before I end my father was in World War II and was sunk twice in the North Atlantic but he would not talk about his war time experiences all he ever told me was he hoped I would never have to live through those experiences . Other people from my age group also seem to have had similar responses so I do not think my dad was unique



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