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Moving to our New Shopify Store

Posted by Steve Pearson on

This was a big year for us we moved from a hand coded non mobile friendly non user friendly store sat on the back of our Modern History Site The People History to our Back In Time Gifts Shopify Store


The Good and the Bad of moving


1. Love our modern and mobile friendly design and believe it looks much more professional from a customers prospective 

2. Love the fact that potential customers can put their mouse over product image for example 1927 Coffee Mug  and see it in more detail

3. The range of add on apps provide additional functionality that would be nearly impossible to provide the 4 we use 

(A) Digital Downloads allows customers to download our pre-made birthday and anniversary prints ( Free )

( B ) Google Shopping provides a way to place our products directly in front of potential customers on the front page of Google Search ( Caveat make sure you keep a very careful eye on ROI or you could burn through a large amount of money in no time ) ( Free )

( C ) Product Options by Bold this app does cost but because we sell a lot of custom products this has been a great investment in saving time going back and forth to customer and makes turnover of custom products so much more efficient 

( D ) Product Reviews Once again an app we pay for, we could possibly do this manually but the time saving and ease of use makes it well worth the cost plus we do seem to get a decent number of reviews because the customer can do it all within their E-Mail ( I must also add the support from PJ with the few questions I had was excellent )


4. Shopify's Payment processing is efficient and with Paypal allows our old customers the choice of Payment Options 

5. We are slowly integrating the BUY button option ( Products and Collections when relevant ) on our History Website and the results are very positive with a decent percentage of sales 

6. Possibly the most important gain is the overall ease of use website / sales / managing and adding new products as it is all there and easy to access and manage



1. Although we put redirects in place from our old store our traffic from Search Engines ETC is down about 60% 

2. It took us much longer to migrate than I was hoping for but due to multiple reasons ( learning curve , improvements that would not have been possible on old store , additional products and options )

3. I am afraid this is my main gripe according to Google nearly all products and pages are indexed but not 1 image is indexed according to Webmaster Tools 

1927 Year In History Coffee Mug

 all in all it has been a positive experience and we are still learning  



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