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Year In History Prints for the 1940's Choose Year Between 1940 & 1949

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1940 - 1949 Year In History Personalized Print features news events, prices, popular movies and music, and famous names born that year. This item can be personalized with a message at the top above "Taking You Back In Time", a name and DOB in the "Born This Year" section, and photos in the center. 

Once we complete your personalized year in history print we will send it to you as a JPEG digital file to the e-mail address associated with your order. You can then use the digital file to print from home, have professionally printed, or send to a friend or loved one via e-mail. 

Please use the customization forms above to include your personalized info and photos. If you do not include any extra info we will send you a standard print. Personalized prints usually take 24 to 48 hours for us to complete. Standard prints can usually be sent same-day. 

1940 - In 1940, a radio cost $16.95 and Winston Churchill became the British Prime Minister during World War II. This was also the year that John Lennon and Al Pacino were born.

1941 - Featured content on this print includes the creation of the United Service Organization (U.S.O.), the siege of Leningrad, and the signing of the G.I. Bill. 

1942 - Check out the example to see such information as the Voice of America begins broadcasting and car manufacturers begin to produce war materials during World War II.

1943 - This 1943 mug has information like the Pentagon in Washington D.C. was completed, Dwight D. Eisenhower became the Supreme Allied Commander in WWII, and the average income per year was $2,000.00.

1944 (75th Birthday) - This print features a variety of information including a loaf of bread cost 10 cents, sunscreen was invented by Benjamin Green and Paris is liberated from German occupation.

1945 - Some of the information featured on this print include World War II ends, the first general purpose electronic computer is created, the Yalta Agreement is signed.

1946 - This print features interesting facts from the year 1946. Some examples include the first bikinis are sold in Paris, the Baby Boom generation begins, and the United Nations holds its very first meeting.

1947 - On our 1947 print we have selected such facts as the cost of a new car for $1,300.00,  Jackie Robinson breaks the color barrier in baseball, and the invention of the Frisbee.

1948 - On this print you might find information like a movie ticket cost 60 cents, and the Marshall Plan was created. More information from 1948 that is included on this print can be found in the example image.

1949 (70th Birthday) - In 1949, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization was created and the Soviet Union tested its first atomic bomb.

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Excellent !!!!

Excellent product , received in a timely manner.

Year In History Print

A unique gift that is personal too. This was perfect for my Mother's birthday.


Loved by everyone.

1941 Year Print

My dad loved his personalized gift. I sent it to Walgreens and had it printed on a wooden plank.

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