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1950's Decade Party Favor Digital Download Print

1950s Decade Print

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Our 1950s Decade Print features information from throughout the Fifties Decade including news events, movies, music, price changes, television, and famous names born during the 1950s.

This JPEG print can be used as party favors or decoration for a birthday or anniversary, once purchased and downloaded the customer can print it as many times as they wish and use their own image editing software to add a personal message at the top. 

The 1950s was characterized by the Baby Boom generation and worldwide economic growth. There was also a pervasive nuclear paranoia caused by the tensions between the United States and Soviet Union. The development and use of nuclear weapons in the previous decade contributed to those fears. The entertainment, car and fashion industries expanded as more and more households could afford televisions, new vehicles and designer clothing. The fifties really was the decade where consumerism became an important part of the American culture. This decade also saw the creation of the state of Israel in the Middle East as a way for the West to atone for atrocities committed against Jewish people during the second World War, an event which has greatly affected politics and tensions in the region ever since.

This is a digital download only and it can be accessed as a JPEG file upon purchase. This item cannot be customized or reformatted. This digital JPEG file is formatted to fit a standard size sheet of paper (8.5 x 11 inches) in landscape mode when printed. Please only order one of this item, if you have questions about this item please contact us.

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