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Happy 50th Birthday Print

Happy 50th Birthday Print

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"Happy 50th Birthday" 1969 Print is a JPEG image file digital download. This item cannot be personalized or reformatted and is available for download after purchase.

This is a digital download only and it can be accessed as a JPEG file upon purchase. This item cannot be customized or reformatted. This digital JPEG file is formatted to fit a standard size sheet of paper (8.5 x 11 inches) in landscape mode when printed. Please only order one of this item, if you have questions about this item please contact us. 

This digital print comes designed with the message "Happy 50th Birthday!" at the top and features information about the year 1969 including news events, prices, popular movies, popular music, and famous names born this year. The fun balloon and confetti themed print makes this a great addition to a 50th Birthday Gift, or print it as many times as you would like to give out as a party favor. 

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Happy 50th. Birthday Print

I was happy with this but could not print it on my computer. My daughter in law got it done for me.

Perfect thing I needed for my friends 50th

Easy purchase and download was wuick

Happy 50th Birthday print

Thank you so much! The people I gave these to loved them and expressed that it was a very thoughtful gift,

Good gift, and the reprint terms are very generous

Everybody loves reading about what was going on when they were born, and the Back in Time gifts take advantage of that. What is really great about these gifts are that the owners give you full license to print as many copies as you want. So, for example, you can print several copies and use them as placemats at someone's birthday party.

The facts on the sheets are very interesting.

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