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Happy 75th Birthday Print

Happy 75th Birthday Print

  • $4.25

Happy 75th Birthday Digital Print
  • This is a digital download only, you are responsible for printing the file on your own.
  • This item cannot be customized or reformatted. Please only order one, you can print as many copies as needed.
  •  This digital JPEG file is formatted to fit a standard size sheet of paper (8.5 x 11 inches) in landscape mode when printed.
  • This digital print comes designed with the message "Happy 75th Birthday!" at the top.
  • Features information about the year 1947 including news events, prices, popular movies, popular music, and famous birthdays.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Mrs. W.S.
A little something extra special

I recently took on the role of facilitating the Birthday Card ministry at our Church. It seems pretty boring and mundane to just send a run of the mill Birthday Card and so I enclose the age-appropriate Birthday print for all birthday's and especially milestone Birthday celebrations. (i.e. 60,65, 70, 75 etc.) The Birthday prints are as enjoyable to send as they are to be received!!!!

Back in Time News print

Absolutely beautiful! My husband was awed and overjoyed for his 75th birthday! We love the finish product, so authentic and News worthy! We are well pleased indeed!

The Book of Jim

Very pleased. Purchased for my brother's 75th birthday. Excellent value for the cost. Packaged very nice. Received without any "bruises". Will consider for others in the future.

Eileen R.
Happy 75th

Printed out to small. Wanted a poster size.

We apologize for any issues and we have refunded customer in full. As this is a digital download meant to be available immediately after purchase we do not offer changes and clearly state the format size in the description. From item description: 'This digital JPEG file is formatted to fit a standard size sheet of paper (8.5 x 11 inches) in landscape mode when printed.'

We are more flexible in providing different sizing options with our personalized prints if a different size is requested. We also checked our records for any communication with customer asking for different sizing options and found no indication that sizing was an issue with this order prior to this review.

christine d.
5 star

Happy 75th Birthday Print

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