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Gift Ideas

We often have customers ask us for some ideas on how to use their prints or mugs as gifts. We have tried to come up with a few suggestions below that you can use or take inspiration from if you are looking for some gift ideas!

Digital Prints and Newspapers

  • Use the JPEG version of a print to have made into a poster, you can display it at your party as a conversation piece. 

  • Print out several copies of your print and laminate them, they can be used as decorative place mats and party favors. (This is our most popular suggestion, we have had many customers do this and report back to us with success!)

  • Frame it and present it as a gift for a birthday. These make a fun and inexpensive gift and are great for older friends and family as they don't take up a lot of space and are something unique and interesting. 

  • Get a digital newspaper print and print out copies at home onto parchment paper, roll them up and tie with string to create a little scroll. You can pass them out at the party for guests. 

  • Use them as party invitations. Get a digital download or a custom digital print and add it to an invitation. These work great for themed parties that focus on a decade.  

Coffee Mugs

A Special Planter

Our 11 oz coffee mugs make the perfect size as a planter for a small plant like a succulent or cactus or a small flower. This can be a nice gift for those with a green thumb or if you know that the person is not a fan of coffee. 

Useful Party Favors

We offer discounts on bulk mug orders! Get several mugs to use at a party, serve drinks in them, and at the end of the day have your guests take one home as a party favor.

Create a Care Package or Gift Basket

Use a mug as part of a gift basket or care package. Find a few other small gifts that go together to make a theme, wrap them all up together and send to a friend or loved one. We have come up with some examples of items you can gift with the mug: 

  • For the Fashion Lover: Get one of our Fashion History Mugs and add a fun scarf, nail polish, some chocolate or candy, and some trendy earrings. 
  • For the College Student: Get a Year In History Mug for their birth year and add a gift card for gas or food, a small notepad and pen, and a little pack of ear buds.