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Year In History Prints for the 1960's Choose Year Between 1960 & 1969

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1960 - 1969 Year In History Personalized Print features news events, prices, popular movies and music, and famous names born that year. This item can be personalized with a message at the top above "Taking You Back In Time", a name and DOB in the "Born This Year" section, and photos in the center. 

Once we complete your personalized year in history print we will send it to you as a JPEG digital file to the e-mail address associated with your order. You can then use the digital file to print from home, have professionally printed, or send to a friend or loved one via e-mail. 

We also sell laminated copies in quantities of 2, 4, or 10. If you purchase a laminated copy you will still receive the PDF/JPEG via e-mail which we will ask you to look over and approve prior to us shipping your laminated copies. Laminated versions are printed onto 11 x 8.5 inch cardstock and laminated with a 5 mil lamination pouch.

Please use the customization forms above to include your personalized info and photos. If you do not include any extra info we will send you a standard print. Personalized prints usually take 24 to 48 hours for us to complete. Standard prints can usually be sent same-day. 

1960 - Information featured on this print includes the formation of OPEC, John F. Kennedy wins the U.S. presidential election, and the film"Psycho" debuts.

1961 - Examples of what might be found on this print include Yuri Gagarin makes the first human space flight and President Kennedy establishes the Peace Corps.

1962 - This print features facts from 1962 such as the creation of the European Space Agency and the death of Marilyn Monroe.

1963 - In this year Martin Luther King Jr. gave his "I Have a Dream" speech, the average price of a new house was $12,650.00 and the Alcatraz Federal Penitentiary was closed.

1964 (55th Birthday) - This print features information from the year 1964 including the signing of the Civil Rights Act, the creation of the G.I. Joe action figure, the debut of the films "My Fair Lady" and "Dr. Strangelove."

1965 - On this print such information as the following can be found: Hindi becomes the official language of India, Pope Paul VI visits the United States.

1966 - On this 1966 year print information that can be found includes the creation of the Department of Transportation in the United States and the Luna 9 Moon Mission by the Soviet Union.

1967 - Events and information from this 1967 print include the first Rolling Stone magazine is published, Thurgood Marshall is appointed to the U.S. Supreme Court, the price of a color TV was about $410.00.

1968 - On this print some of the information featured includes the cost of a movie ticket for $1.50, the Apollo 8 mission orbits the Moon, and Martin Luther King Jr. is assassinated.

1969 (50th Birthday) - The Woodstock Festival was held during this year and the ARPANET was created, more information like this can be found on this 1969 print.

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